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A great thing about programs, office apps inclusive is that there is always a different version from another manufacturer.

These different versions have all got their distinctive and unique properties, such as graphics, features and whatnot.

These programs have their slight modifications that are suited for one user or the other. Hence, there is a wide range that users can choose from but it is a tad difficult to decide and select the best one.

These office programs we would discuss here have everything each person or business needs. The size of the business does not matter. You only have to choose the one you think will work best for you.

Microsoft Office 365

This app has been one of the most used over the years.  Hence, it has been at the top of the chart.

Office 365 gives you all you need to for making your presentations and creating a word document.

One of its strength is its graphics which has been top notched and somewhat unsurpassed by most players in the app development game.

Also, there is a diverse range of packages available according to your needs. A business package contains element mostly used by corporate and business owners- Powerpoint, excel blah blah.

However, due to its wide use, the app support staffs sometimes have a hard time keeping up.  So any problem you have at that time may not generate the rapid response you want.

To beat this, you might want to be open to the idea of hiring an IT specialist to prevent you being frustrated if the support system is slow in attending to you or they cannot fix the problems you might report.

Word Perfect

This one used to be popular. It is not Microsoft office 365, but it still gets the job done.

Word Perfect has a lot of features as Microsoft Office 365, letting you make presentations, spreadsheets and word documents.

Also, Word perfect allows you to create your PDF forms and PDF documents.

However, users rant about the ease of getting reveal codes for publishing purposes. You can report whatever issues you experience on support forums.

The main weakness this program has got is that the graphics and visuals look out-of-date.

If you are looking for a program to suit your publishing purchases, you are likely to want Word Perfect.

Apache Open Office

Apache Open Office is mainly favoured because it is free. Word and presentation documents are easily created.

Also, the documents you create are compatible with different file formats. You can create and save in DOCX formats and you can also open documents in the same format. Microsoft has not been able to beat Apache in this capacity.

The disadvantage of using this program is that you would get lag issues more often than you would get with Microsoft programs.

Therefore, it is not suitable for users who don’t own the endurance or perseverance to put up with lag issues.  However, support forums and a support team can help with your issues.

Users that are on the look-out for a new program to suit their needs always put log these three programs in their shortlist. The choice of one depends on what the primary need is.

If you are on a financial plan and concerned about affordability, Apache is best for you. It is free and functions effectively at getting the basic tasks done.

You should choose Word Perfect if you can’t really do without reveal codes. Word program is the lone program that presents reveal codes.

But if you are more concerned about the final result being good and perfect; you should opt for Microsoft Office 365.

That is it. These three programs have got whatever attribute you are looking for. There are trials for users so they could try them for free and look out their ups and downs themselves.

Have A Strong Password And Keep Those Hackers At Bay

Who knew a time would come that a password would be vital to getting anything done online. This may not be so decades ago, but now you absolutely can’t operate your online accounts without one.

Let’s see, what precisely is the importance of a password? Well, it recognises and distinguishes an account user.  It also grants you access to restricted pages or accounts on the internet.

The fact that personal information and data continues being sensitive requires the need for a rather complex but easily recollected password.

A strong password is needed because people want control of your accounts and would do anything to gain access to your data and information. Most times, they resort to hacking.

A strong password is very difficult to hack. A strong password is new; it has never been used before. It is used by one account.

Using one password for all account is not recommended. This is because the moment a hacker gains access to one account; he has the means to break into the others.

Characteristics Of A Strong Password

To have a strong password, it would necessitate the need to follow some rules. Therefore, these are 6 guidelines to follow when selecting one.


Creating A Strong Password

An effective way to create a strong password that would be difficult to hack is to split a word into two components and include some characters. Check this example:

Let us assume our word is Berlin. We delete “LIN” and leave “BER”. We now add some characters to this to form a new password:  bEr 4%judu

You should note that the E in our theoretical password is in uppercase. This goes to say your password must consist of the different mixture of upper-cases and lower-cases, numbers and special characters.

This password has in it all the characteristics we discussed earlier. As a result, we could call it a strong password. It is not hard to remember but it would be hard to hack.

Another great way of creating a strong password is through the use of password managers like “Dashlane”.

The benefit of using platforms like “Dashlane” is that your password can easily be recovered in case you forget them. Also, you don’t have to worry about creating a password you won’t remember.

Lastly, your accounts would be more secure if you change your passwords at regular intervals.


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